Our Vision

Building a future for LTHS and the community.

Our Mission

The Lockport Township High School 205 Foundation aspires to help students thrive both academically and as valued members of the community. By fostering community partnerships, along with the generous support of foundations, businesses, and individual donors, the foundation aims to make lasting improvements to Lockport Township High School and the community that will enhance the overall educational experience for all of its students, today and in the future. By providing financial resources and support to budgets, the LTHS Foundation will focus on expanding learning opportunities within the district.

Our Goals

  1. Promote a partnership between Lockport Township High School and the Lockport Community
  • Inspire parents, community members, and businesses to partner with the school to make lasting improvements to Lockport Township High School
  • Encourage community-wide pride in Lockport Township High School 
  • Offer students opportunities to become valuable members of the community
  • Support local businesses who participate within the foundation
  1. Acquire additional funding to provide students and faculty with opportunities that go beyond what the district could ordinarily offer
  • Fund student training and workshops
  • Offer scholarships to students who plan to attend college or trade school after they graduate 
  • Present faculty with awards who are dedicated to the Lockport Township High School mission
  • Enhance educational opportunities and curriculum enrichment in areas such as fine arts, technology, practical arts, literature and scientific studies
  • Purchase equipment and technology
  • Expand experience-based learning 
  1. Enrich all students’ high school experience by providing a focus on the future
  • Prepare students for the world beyond high school to be successful
  • Develop an alumni association
  • Establish a network of business contacts for students
  • Support an innovative learning environment that promotes excellence
  • Encourage student ownership of continued learning
  • Reinforce students’ desire to take part and pride in the greater Lockport community