Leave a lasting legacy at Lockport Township High School and support our students by participating in the Pathway to Knowledge Brick Campaign. The scholarship campaign was launched in February 2000 and the bricks were installed to create a beautiful, commemorative area at Lockport Township High School.   

Supporters of LTHS are encouraged to purchase a brick for $100. Then, the brick is placed in an area around our flagpole at the East Campus, which is an area of great distinction and significance.   

More Than Concrete and Mortar

Purchasing a brick in support of the Pathway to Knowledge Campaign gives supporters two distinct benefits: 

  • First, you are building futures for fellow community members. Many LTS graduates who went on to higher education have come back to add to the rich history of the towns and improve the communities served by LTHS. 
  • Secondly, you are leaving a permanent mark at LTHS and in history that boldly illustrates your support for LTHS students. 

Engraved for All Time

The Pathway to Knowledge bricks are engraved with laser precision by a fine stream of sand to capture your enduring message. 

The Pathway is a wonderful opportunity to memorialize a loved one or favorite teacher, signify a message, congratulate a graduate, remember an anniversary, or capture some words of wisdom for all time. 

Brics will be arranged in the order that gifts are received. All donations are tax deductible.

Corporate/Business Benefits

The Pathway to Knowledge gives all businesses an opportunity to have a permanent advertisement at a low cost. Fellow community members and consumers will see your support of LTHS.